Quiz: Spearhead from Space

Last Alteration: Sunday 18 August 2019

  1. Where did the meteorite shower land?
  2. How wide was the area of superheated gas?
  3. What was the registration letter of the car bringing Liz Shaw to UNIT HQ?
  4. How many meteorites arrived in Essex, both this time and the previous?
  5. How many planets are capable of supporting life in this galaxy?
  6. Who played Dr Lomax?
  7. What did the Doctor's pulse settle down to?
  8. What was the soldier told when he shot the Doctor at the end of the first episode?
  9. What was the soldier told when he shot the Doctor at the beginning of the second episode?
  10. What was the Doctor "really holding onto"?
  11. What song was playing in the Plastics Factory when Ransome visited Hibbert?
  12. What colour did the energy spheres glow?
  13. Who was the liason to the Regular Army?
  14. What was the colour of the "hospital bigwig"'s (Dr. Beavis) car?
  15. What did the Doctor do before he actually started the car he steals?
  16. Which direction did the Doctor first drive?
  17. Who played the Commissionaire at UNIT HQ?
  18. What race of aliens communicate with their eyebrows?
  19. What volume did the Doctor estimate was inside the sphere?
  20. How many Autons were in the laboratory when Ransome broke in, and which one attacked him?
  21. How many months had Ransome been away in America?
  22. What does the TARDIS keyhole have?
  23. What happened when the Doctor tried to leave in the TARDIS?
  24. Where did Seeley keep the "Swarm Leader"?
  25. How did the Doctor know that the real Scobie was at the waxworks museum?
  26. Where were the light switches for the room the dummies were situated in?
  27. What did Hibbert do at moments of indecision?
  28. What time did the High Street Autons activate? Who was their first victim?
  29. How many years had the Nestenes been colonising other worlds?
  30. What happened when the fake Scobie was destroyed?
  31. What was special about the opening titles for this story?

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