McGuggins Film & Television Quiz, Feb 2006

Last Alteration: Sunday 16 June 2019

The McGuffins Film and Television Society hold a monthly quiz, and during February 2006 there was a round entitled "The Ten Faces of Doctor Who".

  1. Which former Doctor was announced this week as the new voice for BT phone txt messages?
  2. Which short-lived Doctor had his big-screen debut in 1991's "Let Him Have It"?
  3. After playing the third Doctor, actor Jon Pertwee went on to star in a children's show about an old scarecrow - name the character he played.
  4. Which former Doctor appeared on Channel 5's opening night playing serial killer Michael Sams in "Beyond Fear".
  5. Which Doctor was originally going to play Sharpe on television, but had to pull out in favour of Sean Bean when he was injured?
  6. Jon Pertwee appeared in several Carry On films, but which other Doctor also had a starring role in one of the films?
  7. Which Doctor has since gone on to play Inspector Dangerous Davies in the series "The Last Detective"?
  8. New Doctor David Tennant has recently appeared in the latest Harry Potter film, "The Goblet of Fire" - but which character did he play?
  9. TRUE or FALSE - Colin Baker is the only Doctor to have previously appeared in the series in a supporting role.
  10. Which actor after leaving Doctor Who went on to play Father Brennan in the film "The Omen"?

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