Quiz: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Last Alteration: Sunday 18 August 2019

  1. What was written on the poster situated on the wall behind the TARDIS?
  2. What did the Doctor say Susan needed after she had recovered from her fall?
  3. How many chimneys had been destroyed on Battersea Power Station?
  4. What year did the Doctor and Ian find on the calendar they discovered?
  5. What word was to be found written throughout London?
  6. After Tyler had stated that Barbara could cook, what was Susan's reply to David when he asked her skill?
  7. Where did Ian estimate the dalek ship had landed, and where did it actually land?
  8. How many Robomen threatened the Doctor and Ian at the bank of the Thames?
  9. What was unusual about the Dalek in command of the ship?
  10. What was written in front of the ship on the Heliport pad?
  11. Where could the Daleks' mine be found?
  12. In which sector were the "prisoners" found in the attack?
  13. Where did Dortmun, Barbara and Jenny move to from their old hideout?
  14. How did David destroy the Daleks' firebomb?
  15. What was written on the side of the earthmover at the mine?
  16. Where was the selection parade for new Robomen to be held?
  17. What borough did the Rubbish Truck belong to?
  18. Which ship intercepted Barbara and Jenny's escape from London?
  19. Who was the "Commandant" of the mine?
  20. How long did it take for Ian and Larry to reach the bottom of the mine?
  21. What did David do to surprise Susan by the fire?
  22. What colour sweater was Barbara wearing?
  23. Why did the Daleks want to remove the Earth's core?
  24. Why did the Dalek sent to exterminate the intruders in the Control Room stop?
  25. What did the Daleks' bomb cause when it exploded?
  26. Who composed the incidental music for this story?

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