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Last Alteration: Monday 26 September 2022

Serendipity currently provide five RSS news feeds on its site; anybody may use the feeds, but please let us know if you are doing so!

RSS Feed Latest news on the Serendipity website
Access the latest news headlines added to the site via this feed; as well as information about the group we also include recent news summaries and forthcoming event information.

RSS Feed Latest news from the Temporal Renovators
Latest information about the Temporal Renovators local group, it's meetings, social events, and what it's members are up to!

RSS Feed WHO-Link
This feed provides the most recent sites on the Internet that have published a Doctor Who related article; this covers the common UK newspaper websites and other sites that commonly report on Doctor Who, with the exception of the other main Who news sites Outpost Gallifrey and BBC Cult, who have their own feeds!

RSS Feed WHO-Lore
This feed provides links to articles which are not directly Doctor Who related, but contains references to the series in some manner, usually as an example, metaphor, or other description!

RSS Feed Doctor Who on the Television
This feed provides a list of items that have recently appeared on (British) television, including broadcast of episodes, interviews, and other items relating to Doctor Who and it's cast and crew.

RSS Feed Anniversaries in Doctor Who
This feed provides a daily list of notable anniversaries in Doctor Who, including at present first broadcast dates, birthdays and deaths of cast and crew involved in the series.

RSS Feed Doctor Who Competitions
This feed provides a list of current competitions that have Doctor Who-related prizes.


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