Review: Tooth and Claw

Last Alteration: Tuesday 02 May 2006

Tooth and Claw saw a return to form from RTD with a script that was solid on the whole. That's a pre-requisite for a great episode but several other things need to fall into place before we can say the word 'classic'.

Firstly the acting needs to match the script. Here the regulars have put in a strong performance and the guest cast have risen to it. Pauline Collins in particular was brilliant and utterly convincing as Queen Victoria. Her final words about Torchwood were delivered with imperial grandure and menace - I have a feeling we might be hearing more about this over the coming months and years.

Music. If it doesn't work it doesn't work on a grand scale. In Tooth and Claw Murray Gold was used just (about) right. I found at times that I was whincing, waiting for the music to become overbearing only to be pleasantly surprised. It was toned down for a change but still not quite enough for my tastes (although I admit it suits a Saturday night, event television type of show).

The directing and editing though are the major contributing factors in making this epsiode a complete success. From the outset Euros Lyn uses styles and techniques worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster and never before seen on Doctor Who (or indeed in any show in that timeslot? Try watching Casualty with a straight face immediately after this epsiode) And thanks for the editing this episode lacks the usual problems of pacing.

On top of that the story benefits from a look of complete quality from costumes and locations through to the most convincing werewolf the screen has ever shown. It was great entertainment from start to finish and showed just what Doctor Who can do in being like no other programme on TV.

It was a brill and scary 'classic' (well perhaps not yet but give it 5 years!)

Jon Bigger

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