Review: The Doctor Dances

Last Alteration: Monday 19 September 2005

Episode Ten: The Doctor Dances, by Stephen Moffat

The Doctor Dances is the most intriguing title of any of the new series episodes. In the past a descriptive title meant something quite predictable, Terror of the Autons for example would surely mean Terror caused by the Autons but The Doctor Dances??? Well, dancing did occur but it wasn't the reason for the story, or was it? Perhaps ultimately that was the important thing and the stuff about gas masks and children trying to make sense of a barmy world was just an aside. Doctor Who in the 21st Century is full of surprises for us hardened nutters.

This episode started with one of the greatest cliffhanger resolutions in Dr Who history ("Go to your room" was the last thing I was expecting) and ended with a beautifully written and acted scene in which the Doctor fulfils his promise to Rose to show her the moves.

The stuff in the middle was well paced, directed, written, oh it was just brilliant, spooky Dr Who. This was a new style two parter at its best and I would hope for a few more of them. They give the action a chance to build up more naturally than within the confines a 45 minute single episode and they also allow for the kind of character development we were blessed with at the end of the story.

Overall, this story was one of the highlights of the new series so far and I feel sure that it will hold up to repeated viewings unlike some of the earlier instalments. Great stuff!

Jonathan Bigger

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