Review: School Reunion

Last Alteration: Tuesday 02 May 2006

"But Neatly"


Great stuff. A fun adventure but more importantly, weirdly poignant.


For me, this is the best Tennant story so far. The actual story may just be the usual nasty monsters with a ridiculously ambitious plan but neatly the school location and the approach to set-up gives it an original feel.

This week's alien threat is clearly defined and easy to grasp therefore allowing it wisely to serve as background detail rather than the main event. Don't get me wrong, the action adventure elements are well handled but importantly they don't get in the way of what the story's REALLY about- Rose & Sarah Jane's response to meeting each other.

Much more than just a chance to celebrate the past or have a bunch of bitchy comedy digs between the two companions, this is weirdly far more affecting than any amount of knocked over dads or lonely Daleks.

It seems to really have something to say about accepting the future and drawing a line under the past, themes that are key parts of everyone~Rs life, not just characters in SF tv shows.

A restrained Tennant gets to genuinely act rather than emote and as a result we're given a Doctor revealing far more about his character and motivations than ever before.

Even K9, that little tin... bete noir, comes across well and is used to add a peculiar resonance in his own way. That's not to say I'm any more enthusiastic about a spin-off show for him than I was twenty-five years ago.


Torchwood reference? - Of course.

Jim Hall

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