Review: Father's Day

Last Alteration: Monday 19 September 2005

My musings on the latest ep ...

Of all the episodes we have seen so far this season, this one impressed me most. Perhaps because of it's wilful ignoring of all that had gone before (No Blinovich for Messrs Cornell & Davies) and the simple manner in which it reset the boundaries for this new era of Who (anything can happen now the Time Lords are gone - makes you wonder what the Black Guardian is up to, if no one is looking after Time anymore) . Perhaps because it showed ordinary families reacting to extra-ordinary events in very ordinary ways.

Mainly because of the approaches we have seen thus far, this one was the first that I think anyone (by which I mean anyone at all, fan, non-fan, bloke off the street) could have watched and had an emotional toe-hold in. Forgive me my praising of it's more soapy elements but in the way it dealt with loss and the bonds between parents and children - well, everyone has been there on at least one side of the equation.

I was surprised by the number of people who have spent all series (non-fan's once again) laughing and joking their way through great special effects and aliens, monsters and fart jokes suddenly coming down to Earth with this one because it touched them in some way. Three chaps at least in the pub last night admitted to blubbing like girls by the end of the episode because they could empathise with at least one of the characters and the jeopardy they were in (the girls stayed v quiet at whether or not the blubbed like boys or not).

This might not be the most representative episode of the new series but if I wanted to impress someone who had never seen the show before, this one has it all. The perils of time travel, a very adult emotional depth, all that and monsters that were damned scary too (they even killed children - how about that for breaking down a barrier for future bed-wetters)!

... and with a bit of luck they'll be looking forward to the next set of Mickey the Idiot and Jackie episodes to come, rather than be worrying about how annoying they are!

Neil Underwood

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