Review: Dreamtime

Last Alteration: Monday 19 September 2005

Dreamtime, by Simon A. Forward

Simon A. Forward's second contribution to the Doctor Who audio range sees the return of the Galyari, a lizard-like race he created for his Sixth Doctor adventure "The Sandman". However, in this Seventh Doctor adventure they are not the villains whilst not always working for everyone's good. Instead the Doctor, accompanied by Ace and new companion Hex find themselves facing the Dreaming, an ancient force which forms part of the Aboriginal mythology of Uluru. However discovering the famous Australian landmark far from Earth in the wilderness of space is only the start of the TARDIS team.s adventure.

Unlike last month's fast paced adventure "The Game", "Dreamtime" builds gradually to carefully set the scene and establish atmosphere before introducing the jeopardy of the situation. As with many Big Finish audios this follows the tradition of classic Doctor Who in being slower moving and more serious than the frenetic and humorous stories of the current television series. However it is none the less an enjoyable story featuring believable characters and situations. Sylvester McCoy's Doctor fits perfectly into the nightmarish scenario. The dynamics between him and long-time companion Sophie Aldred and relative newcomer Philip Olivier are perfect. Following his introduction in "The Harvest" last June, Hex continues to inject fresh air into the longstanding partnership of the Doctor and Ace/McShane.

Overall, whilst maybe not appealing to new fans of the current television incarnation, this adventure presses all the right buttons to keep old fans happy.

The Seventh Doctor returns in June alongside Bonnie Langford as Mel in the curiously titled "Unregenerate!"

Richard Brinck-Johnsen

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