The Temporal Renovators Diary

Last Alteration: Monday 26 September 2022

Regular Meeting Locations

The McGuffins Film & Television Quiz
Rose & Crown Pub, Walthamstow
The original local group meeting place, the quiz takes place on the first Saturday of each month, kicking off around the 8:00-8:30pm mark; we often have a chinese meal beforehand.

Central London Weekly Meet
The Knights Templar pub, Chancery Lane
We meet up most Wednesdays at the Knights Templar from around 6:00pm, and normally to be found in the non-smoking section upstairs (except when it has been booked out by annoying parties!). However, we don't usually meet on the Wednesday preceding the first Thursday of the month (Tavern night).

Central London Monthly Meet
The Shakespeare's Head pub, Kingsway, Holborn
We've been meeting up in central London pub for two years now, normally on the penultimate Saturday of each month from around 11:30am for those hungry enough to catch their breakfast menu, and are then there for the rest of the day!

What's Coming up in the Renovators Schedules

The full diary of up-and-coming events for the Temporal Renovators and other local groups can be found at the Doctor Who Fan Network site.

For more details on the group and our meetings, please feel free to contact us!


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