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Last Alteration: Friday 12 August 2022

 Server Outage now fixed (28th October 2005)
Apologies for the lack of website for the last day or so; our service provider reset one of their firewalls and that broke the connection. All fixed now ...

 Welcome back! (20th September 2005)
Yes, after some seven years in the wilderness, the Serendipity website is back! I'm sorry to disappoint all you folks out there who regularly visited the site to catch up on the "latest" news from 1998, but all good things must come to a start ... or something like that!

The Serendipity website now plays host to the Temporal Renovators Doctor Who group, based in London, and much of the material you will find on the site will be their fault (grin), but anybody is welcome to contribute ideas, articles, etc. to the site - simply email us at the webmaster address!


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