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Though news about Doctor Who in general may not be as forthcoming as it used to be(!), its stars continue their careers and of course fandom continues undaunted by the lack of series. This page aims to notify about news related to Doctor Who, from related productions, publications, other activities, through to what some of the series' stars are up to.

Please note that events are covered in their own section.

 Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi DVD (18th November 2006)
"Liberation Entertainment has teamed up with the immensely popular Tom Baker to take you on an intergalactic voyage destined to test the outer reaches of your mind, in Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz.

Presented by Tom Baker, one of Britain's best loved actors and still fondly remembered as the fourth incarnation of Dr. Who, the Interactive DVD Quiz questions span fourteen different categories, incorporating a galaxy of video clips, music, photographs and classic Sci-Fi quotes to span over sixty years of Sci-Fi history.

The fully interactive Sci-Fi Quiz will make the ultimate stocking filler for Sci-Fi enthusiasts, with clips from a vast range of classic and popular TV shows and films including; 2001 A Space Odyssey, War of The Worlds, Forbidden Planet, Thunderbirds, Serenity, The Land That Time Forgot, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Red Dwarf, Dr Who, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Blake's 7, The Time Machine, The Fly, Barberella and Flash Gordon.

Take Off with Tom Baker for fantastic family fun this Christmas."

 Outpost Gallifrey News closes (10th October 2006)
It was announced yesterday that the news section of Outpost Gallifrey has closed down after over a decade of providing the latest in Doctor Who news from around the world, making it probably the best Doctor Who site on the Internet for many years!

Congratulation Shaun for your excellent contribution to fandom - you will be missed!

 Is that Doctor Who in your closet? (29th December 2001)
Last night (Fri) saw the broadcast of two recently rediscovered episodes of "Dad's Army", thought to be lost forever, which were recovered as part of the BBC's Treasure Hunt appeal for the return of material that had been wiped from the BBC Archives. The most recently discovered Doctor Who episode is of course "The Lion" (featured on the "Missing Presumed Wiped" programme also shown last night), but there are still 109 episodes missing.

If you happen across old film reels etc. lurking in your attic, shed, under the floorboards or wherever, and it turns out to be BBC material, please contact them to let them know! For more details see the Treasure Hunt website, which also lists contact details.

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