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The following are earlier news items from 2006; you can find the current news items here.

 Christmas 2006 airings (13th December 2006)
A glance through the Christmas Radio Times reveals a wealth of episodes on throughout the period, what with repeats and even some new items to catch the eye (grin). The list below covers what is currently in the schedules - note this can always change, especially where BBC3 is concerned!
Torchwood: Random Shoes 13th Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC2  
Torchwood: Random Shoes 15th Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood Declassified: Dead Man Walking 15th Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Random Shoes 16th Dec 12:55-1:45am BBC3  
Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts 16th Dec 10:00-10:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie 16th Dec 10:50-11:40pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Random Shoes 16th Dec 11:40pm-12:20am BBC3  
Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon 16th Dec 7:25-9:20am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet 16th Dec 9:20-10:20am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Idiot's Lantern 16th Dec 2:20-3:20pm UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet 16th Dec 3:30-4:20pm UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon 17th Dec 2:30-4:00am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet 17th Dec 4:00-4:50am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Mutants 17th Dec 6:30-9:25am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion 17th Dec 4:25-5:25pm BBC1  
Torchwood Declassified: Dead Man Walking 17th Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 17th Dec 10:00-10:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 18th Dec 1:15-2:05am BBC3  
Torchwood Declassified: Time Flies 18th Dec 2:05-2:30am BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 19th Dec 10:30-11:20pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 20th Dec 1:50-2:40am BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 20th Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC2  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 22nd Dec 9:00-9:50pm BBC3  
Torchwood Declassified: Time Flies 18th Dec 9:50-10:00pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Out Of Time 23rd Dec 1:55-2:45am/td> BBC3  
Doctor Who: Fear Her 23rd Dec 8:20-9:20am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: Fear Her 24th Dec 2:10-3:10am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts 24th Dec 8:20-9:20am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who and the Daleks 24th Dec 7:25-9:00pm Sci-Fi Peter Cushing film
Torchwood: Combat 24th Dec 9:30-10:15pm BBC3  
Torchwood: Combat 25th Dec 3:10-4:00am BBC3  
Torchwood Declassified 25th Dec 4:00-4:10am BBC3  
Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts 25th Dec 4:45-5:30am UKTV Gold  
Doctor Who Confidential 25th Dec 1:00-2:00pm BBC1 Behind the scenes of the Children in Need concert.
Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride 25th Dec 7:00-8:00pm BBC1  
Torchwood: Combat 26th Dec 10:30-11:20pm BBC3  

(end of part one!)

 Season Three Foe? (14th November 2006)
This rumour from Sci-Fi Online is a major spoiler for those who don't really want to know!

 Torchwood is Ratings Success! (23rd October 2006)
The opening evening of Torchwood has proven to digital station BBC3's greatest success, with 2.4 million viewers tuning in to the premiere at 9:00pm, some 12.7% of the audience.

BBC3's Controller, Julian Bellamy, said: "I'm delighted that last night's Torchwood was such a big hit. It's an incredible achievement to be the highest rating show ever on BBC3 and one of the most watched programmes on a digital channel."

The first episode's ratings were on par with "terrestrial" BBC1's broadcast of Wide Sargasso Sea, which attained a 10% audience share at 2.4m (rounded down!). The second episode also did well, with 2.3 million viewers and a greater share of 13.8% of the audience!

Not only BBC3's greatest success, it was also one of the highest ever achievements of a non-terrestrial channel; only an episode of Friends on Sky One during 2000 (2.9 million) and two football matches on Sky Sports One (Manchester United vs Arsenal in 2004 - 2.8m, England vs Turkey in 2006 - 2.4m) have seen more viewers.
  • BBC news report on audience ratings.

  •  Torchwood premieres (19th October 2006)
    Torchwood had its official launch last night in Cardiff, where much of it was filmed. It was reported on the BBC Wales Today programme, whose item included a brief clip from the show itself, and then interviews with John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Russell T Davies.

    John Barrowman: "Torchwood is a show that is like nothing else you've ever seen on British television. It is a science fiction show that will involve human stories, human nature, it will involve aliens, a lot of blood and gore, and quite a bit of sex!"

    Russell T Davies: "It's modern urban science fiction stories, all set in Cardiff with a team of investigators - they might find a monster one week, they might find an alien device the next. But a lot of it is very psychological, dark drama - great sense of humour in it, and all of it very very Welsh!"

  • BBC News Item on the premiere
  • Visit the BBC Torchwood Site

  •  Torchwood Broadcast update (14th October 2006)
    DWM have got it wrong! According to the online Radio Times the first two episodes of Torchwood will be shown as a double-bill from 9pm on BBC THREE ONLY. (The former "Jane Eyre" slot on BBC ONE is to be given over to the dramatisation of it's prequel story "Wide Sargosso Sea" which recently aired on BBC FOUR.) The terrestrial debut of Torchwood is now scheduled for Wednesday 25th October at 9pm on BBC TWO.

    Also of note very late on sunday 22nd following a late night repeat of episodes one and two from 1am till 2.40am two short behind the scenes features entitled "Torchwood De-Classified" are to air from 2.40 till 3.05am. (presumably a similar format to the cut down versions of Doctor Who Confidential). Torchwood De-Classified 1 is also scheduled to be repeated from 9.50pm till 10pm on Friday 27th following a repeat of Episode One at 9pm. The De-Classifieds and all Episode repeats (except for that mentioned on Wednesday 25th) will all be shown on BBC THREE.
    submitted by Richard

    The new issue of DWM has turned up, and of course has the "exclusive" news about Torchwood - we don't look at the sides of buses, honestly!

    As previously speculated, it's starting on the 22nd October with a simultaneous broadcast on BBC1 and BBC3, with the next episode immediately afterwards on BBC3, and each week thereafter. They say that BBC1 will see it in the New Year (ie. not every week).

    No timeslot specified, but almost it's almost certainly 9:00pm in the "Jane Eyre" slot!

    The Torchwood site on the BBC launches tomorrow.

     Billie wins GQ Award (6th September 2006)
    On top of yesterday's TV Quick award, actress Billie Piper has just received another acolade in the form of the GQ Woman Of The Year award for her role in Doctor Who!

    Reported by: The Sun, Sky Showbiz, Digital Spy

    After Christopher Eccleston's win last year, the annual TV Quick/TV Choice Awards ceremony taking place last night at the Dorchester Hotel London saw Doctor Who receive three awards this time around:
    • Best Actor: David Tennant
    • Best Actress: Billie Piper
    • Best Loved Drama: Doctor Who
    David Tennant said: "It was very hard to step into something that had been such a success already. It was very daunting and because of that, this means a lot."

    Coverage on: BBC News, Daily Record, The Sun, Australia, RTE, Hello Magazine, Daily Mail.

    Meanwhile, last week also saw David pick up another award, with a poll of 11-12 year olds by a pizza company placing him as top hippest celebrity in Britain! The runners up were Fearne Cotton and Jeremy Clarkson.

    Coverage on: Daily Record, In The News, The Sun

     TV Awards 2006 (29th August 2006)
    Doctor Who did well in the sci-fi category of the Hugo Awards, with the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form award seeing episodes The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances taking first place, and second and third places taken by Dalek and Father's Day.

    Meanwhile, Russell T Davies also won an award for Industry Player of the Year at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

     Torchwood Goes Interactive (29th August 2006)
    The news site Digital Spy reports that the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood will have interactive features, including the ability to explore the Torchwood facility, imaginary desktop, and weekly 10 minute behind-the-scenes featurettes. "You can join the corporation of Torchwood and be one of its employees,"explained director of television Jana Bennett, who commissioned the application as part of the BBC Vision project.

    The BBC have reported on the sales figures for the "junior" Doctor Who magazine Doctor Who Adventures, reporting on a circulation figure of 72,852.

    Toni Round, the joint Managing Director of BBC Children's Magazines, said: "Doctor Who Adventures has been one of our most successful launches, particularly as its target market includes 6-12 year-old boys - a challenging group to bring to the newsstand. The title has also benefited from some of the best quality and exclusive Doctor Who themed covermounted gifts."

  • Full BBC Press Release

  •  Torchwood Press Release (24th July 2006)
    This autumn on BBC THREE sees a season of bold, contemporary programmes with Torchwood, the new drama from writer Russell T Davies, as its centrepiece.

    Starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles, Torchwood is a sci-fi crime thriller which tells the story of a crack squad of secret agents, setting their own rules and operating above the law to protect the public from both human and alien threats.

    Julian Bellamy, Controller, BBC THREE says: "Torchwood is just the kind of cutting edge, ambitious drama of real scale that we're seeking on BBC THREE and I'm delighted to be unveiling it at my first BBC THREE launch as Controller.

    "Whether it's comedy, drama, factual, entertainment or current affairs, BBC THREE's values should always shine through - maverick, innovative and witty, with entertainment at the core.

    "In this autumn's offering I think we've got that."
    Full BBC3 Autumn Lineup Press Release

     New companion announced! (5th July 2006)
    The new companion for the Doctor has finally been announced by the BBC this morning (though it was leaked across the Net yesterday!); it is to be 27 year-old Freema Agyeman, who has previously had roles in Crossroads, Casualty, and most recently seen last week in Doctor Who itself as first on-screen victim to the Cyber invasion Adeola.

    The new companion, Martha Jones, will make her first appearance in season three next year, leaving this year's Christmas special open for a special suprise ...

    Covered by: BBC Press Office, BBC News, Contact Music, icWales, Independent, ITV, Mail, Sky News.

    Just when you thought it was safe to arrange the DVDs on the shelf comes another specially designed boxed set! As well as the traditional DVD box design for series two, there is also to be a limited edition Cyberman head version to go alongside the outsized TARDIS from last year's series release!

     Series Two Finale revealed (15th June 2006)
    Today's Sun announced the finale to the series this morning (well, late last night), and has now been confirmed in a BBC Press Release and accompanying news article.

    Be warned - this is a serious spoiler for the end of the series!!!!

    ... New Earth! After all the confusion on scheduling BBC3 finally broadcast the first episode of this season tonight at 7:00pm (though the preceeding 60 Seconds indicated it would be a Cyberman story!). (and with clean end titles for the purists!)

    And this was followed by Confidential Cut Down, advertised as being From Zero to Hero and even introduced as such beforehand, but was actually New New Doctor!

    So ... at this stage we can't trust anything we're told - even on-screen - and simply wait and see each evening what we'll have next. (fingers crossed it will be Fear Factor tomorrow and not Three's Outtakes!)

     Who's Time is it anyway? (17th May 2006)
    Well the broadcast schedule continues to make interesting reading depending which website you look at! Whilst both the Radio Times and BBC websites both agree that there are series two episode repeats throughout next week on BBC3, RT reports that it commences from The Christmas Invasion but the BBC site reports New Earth to take the first slot on Monday evening!

    The latter is confirmed in the printed copy of Radio Times, and this is also the order shown on the Sky+ EPG; however, the magazine also reports that Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down follows each episode, whereas online it is Three's Outtakes from Tuesday!

    So ... the end result is that you'll have to watch out on the day for what will actually be broadcast!

    As a side note, last week saw Russell T Davies: Unscripted see a surprise repeat in place of a recently recovered episode of A For Andromeda, and of course the broadcast episode of Doctor Who itself was 20 minutes later than scheduled. (though for once those of us with Sky+ actually had the programme time updated in time!)

    Since yesterday's news update, the Radio Times website has changed the schedule for the next couple of weeks around slightly! Doctor Who Confidential for the 20th May has now moved back to follow the episode on BBC1, starting on BBC3 now at 7:25pm; the repeats on the following Sunday have moved to 7:00pm and 7:45pm respectively, and the latter is now listed as a "Cut Down" version - note, at this point the only "full length" version of the programme is on Saturday (the same thing occured last year with The Empty Child when Eurovision was on).

    Also, the series is seeing it's first "repeat showing", with episodes on consecutive evenings from Monday 22nd May from 7:00pm on BBC3 commencing with The Christmas Invasion, and then New Earth on Tuesday (followed by the "New New Doctor" Confidential Cut Down). It isn't clear yet whether the episode repeats will have commentary options.

    The Radio Times and BBC websites still conflict over the order of shows on Sunday 14th - Sky's EPG shows the Conf/Who order!

    Up-and-coming broadcast schedule:
    11th  5:00pm  BBC1  Totally Doctor Who 5
    12th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    12th  9:00pm  BBC3  THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE (commentary option)
    12th  9:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: From Script to Screen
    13th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    13th  7:00pm  BBC1  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN
    13th  7:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen
    13th  8:15pm  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    13th 11:50pm  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    14th  7:15pm  BBC3  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN (commentary option)
    14th  8:00pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen
                        *** these could be reversed! ***
    15th  1:00pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    18th  5:00pm  BBC1  Totally Doctor Who 6
    19th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 6
    19th  9:00pm  BBC3  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN (commentary option)
    19th  9:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: Cybermen
    20th 12:00am  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    20th  2:50am  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men (signed)
    20th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 6
    20th  6:40pm  BBC1  THE AGE OF STEEL
    20th  7:25pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: From Zero to Hero
    21st  7:00pm  BBC3  THE AGE OF STEEL (commentary option)
    21st  8:15pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: From Zero to Hero
    22nd  1:00pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 6
    22nd  7:00pm  BBC3  THE CHRISTMAS INVASION
    23rd  7:00pm  BBC3  NEW EARTH
    23rd  7:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: New New Doctor

     UK Broadcasting Update (9th May 2006)
    The Cybermen's 40th Anniversary is to be explored in a new BBC4 programme to be broadcast this Saturday on BBC4, straight after Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3!

    Machine Men: Time Shift
    Time Shift celebrates the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who's Cybermen with a look at the rollercoaster fortunes of robots, androids and cyborgs in fact and fantasy; from the Flash Gordon serials via The Six Million Dollar Man to Marvin the Paranoid Android.

    For decades we were alternately warned that robots could take over the planet, and promised that they would liberate us from the drudgery of everyday labour. But in the real world scientists struggled to design robots that could even climb the stairs. Yet the continued appeal of the Star Wars films, the recent remake of the TV classic A for Andromeda and the return of the Cybermen to our screens all prove that there's artificial life in the machine men yet.

    Among the contributors exploring whether we're on the cusp of the true robot age are actor Anthony Daniels, aka C-3PO in Star Wars; British SF visionary Brian Aldiss; writer Kim Newman; and a host of real-life robotics.

    After last week's appearance of Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down on Sunday, it has now moved to a (regular?) slot on BBC3 on Fridays after the episode repeat broadcast on that day (though typically as I mentioned it last time, there is no late night "continuity-free" broadcast of the normal version any longer - argh!)

    Also a point to note is that the Radio Times and BBC websites have conflicting information on the Sunday broadcast on BBC3, with the two sites presenting the episode and Confidential in reverse order (7:15pm-8:30pm slots).

    No UKTV Gold repeats this week, as the channel has decided to "rest" the series after the current run finished last Sunday with The Ultimate Foe.

    Up-and-coming broadcast schedule:
    11th  5:00pm  BBC1  Totally Doctor Who 5
    12th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    12th  9:00pm  BBC3  THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE (commentary option)
    12th  9:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down: Script to Screen
    13th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    13th  7:00pm  BBC1  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN
    13th  7:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen
    13th  8:15pm  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    13th 11:50pm  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    14th  7:15pm  BBC3  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN (commentary option)
    14th  8:00pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen
                        *** these could be reversed! ***
    15th  1:00pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 5
    18th  5:00pm  BBC1  Totally Doctor Who 6
    19th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 6
    19th  9:00pm  BBC3  RISE OF THE CYBERMEN (commentary option)
    19th  9:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Cybermen
    20th 12:00am  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men
    20th  2:50am  BBC4  Time Shift: Machine Men (signed)
    20th  6:30pm  CBBC  Totally Doctor Who 6
    20th  6:40pm  BBC1  THE AGE OF STEEL
    20th  7:45pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Mickey Smith
    21st  7:15pm  BBC3  THE AGE OF STEEL (commentary option)
    21st  8:00pm  BBC3  Doctor Who Confidential: Mickey Smith

    In the ever-continuing coverage of the series seen recently, Radio Times are once again featuring a Doctor Who cover, this time proclaiming the return of the Cybermen!

    The issue itself is also carrying an sticker album and the first set of stickers to put in it; additional sets will be in the following three issues to complete the collection.

    The issue is officially available from shops from tomorrow.

    The Park Plaza Hotel in Cardiff has launched a new offer aimed at Doctor Who fans! The package deal includes bed and breakfast for two at the hotel, plus a guide book to find the locations filmed in the city for series one.

    Says the hotel's Marketing Director, Caroline Sims: "The Doctor Who following is phenomenal. Everybody recognises the Tardis and Daleks and now they recognise it as a part of Cardiff. We're now seen as a sexy city to visit. We're catching up with the likes of Edinburgh - Doctor Who is just another draw for visitors."

    News Items: South Wales Echo, Wales on Sunday, DigitalSpy.

    This Sunday sees the return of the cut-down version of Doctor Who Confidential, "From Script to Screen", which will broadcast before the repeat of The Girl in the Fireplace on BBC3. This seems likely to become the standard viewing schedule - at least for the next couple of weeks! - with "Cybermen" in the same slot for the 14th May.

    The full length Confidentials continue to be broadcast straight after the premiere airing of that week's episode on Saturday (7:45pm for the next couple of weeks on Saturday), and an early Monday morning repeat - the latter is interesting as, being the final show on BBC3, it doesn't feature either the annoying blue "Next:" banner or talking over the end credits (so far!).

    Just to note that Doctor Who itself is back to 7:00pm on Saturdays ... well until the 20th May at any rate when the Eurovision Song Contest could throw everything into confusion again!

     K9 spinoff series announced (24th April 2006)
    Disney-owned channel Jetix (formerly Fox Kids) have announced that they will be broadcasting a new children's television show featuring the Doctor Who character K9 (appearing next weekend in School Reunion). The new-look character will be "redesigned as a sleeker, curvier hero complete with white bodywork and a liquid crystal display", rendered in CGI for a cartoon series. It is to be penned by original co-creator Bob Baker; says the writer: "It's thrilling to be able to offer younger Doctor Who fans the chance to get to know K-9. I believe they will love the 21st century K-9 as much as past generations."

    Links: BBC News, Independent, C21Media, The Times, Daily Record.

    Elisabeth Sladen will be talking to Martin Barber on Friday about her return to Doctor Who in School Reunion, and about the recent release of the DVD Genesis of the Daleks - which includes a great story about what happens when a Dalek gathers too much momentum!

    The interview will be available from the BBC Norfolk website from Friday at 3:15pm by clicking on the Listen Live button.

     New Earth initial ratings (17th April 2006)
    New Earth opened the new series with a resounding success, not only being the highest-rated programme on BBC1, but achieved the highest rating for the entire evening! The overnight figures indicate that the show was watched by an average of 8 million viewers, with a peak of 8.3 million; ITV's broadcast of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on at this time maintained a 5 million viewer average.

    Overall, BBC1's shows performed best for the evening, with Doctor Who, then Casualty with 7 million, The National Lottery Jetset (complete with Eamonn Holmes exiting TARDIS at start!) with 6.2 million, then ITV1's Harry Potter and Who Wants to be a Millionaire (4.7 million) taking up 4th and 5th places. The official BARB figures for the weekend, which will take account of recordings too, will be released on Wednesday 26th April.

    In comparison, this time last year saw the broadcast of Aliens of London, which achieved 7 million on the night, against Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway's 7.1 million; the audience share then was 33.9%.

    It'll be interesting to see how next week's episode fares, with lots of publicity about the werewolf that will feature; first trailer ran about 1:10am on BBC1 after Terminal Velocity and several times throughout Sunday!

    In the media: The Sunday Times, BBC News, CBBC, The Herald, TV Squad, Blogcritics, Digital Spy, In the News, The Guardian.
    Tuesday update: Lancashire Evening Telegraph, SyFyPortal, TV Squad, Guardian, Times, Waveguide, 25th Frame

     BBC Digital Preview (13th April 2006)
    As if we haven't been treated to enough Doctor Who goodies in the last week with a new trailer and the CBBC Xtra interviews/clips, BBCi now present us with a 2:37 preview of what to expect for the next few episodes. Based on the press preview presentation, the looping introduction to the new series includes clips from Tooth and Claw, School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen/Age Of Steel, plus a couple of teasers for The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit for the eagle-eyed!

    It's available on digital via the red button (Freeview channel 302).

    John Barrowman confirmed on This Morning today that the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood commences filming next week.

    A trailer dedicated to New Earth has finally been transmitted (5:15pm), after David Tennant's appearance in Ready Steady Cook on BBC2 this afternoon! BBC1 swiftly caught up with the trailer shown before Neighbours. Not long now ... !!!

     CBBC Xtra - Totally Doctor Who (12th April 2006)
    BBC Digital Text are currently running a Doctor Who special on their CBBC Xtra page (570); concentrating on the forthcoming Totally Doctor Who series starting tomorrow, it also includes Q&A with David Tennant and Billie Piper.

    Totally Doctor Who starts at 5:00pm on BBC1, Thursday, and is repeated on the CBBC channel on Friday (6:30pm), Saturday (6:30pm), and Monday (1:00pm).

    Yesterday saw a special preview showing of the "Scottish" episode Tooth and Claw in Glasgow, with David Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies in attendance.

    Reviews (warning: plenty of spoilers!):
    Daily Record (1), Daily Record (2), Evening Times, The Herald, The Scotsman.

    After a good few weeks speculation, the BBC have finally officially confirmed that the new series will premiere on BBC1 at 7:15pm on Saturday 15th April!

    The date has been rumoured since January, but up until the press launch it still hadn't been confirmed, and even then it wasn't officially announced; some papers stated it would be the 15th, but the BBC Press Office information for the week said that the series had been "unplaced", and the Radio Times website stubbornly stuck to the expected timeslot "tbc". Likewise, ITV were also keeping what was to be on in that timeslot a secret too!

    However, both have finally revealed the programmes for that evening, with Doctor Who confirmed to be on at a later slot to last year at 7:15pm - whether this is the case for the rest of the series remains to be seen. ITV is reshowing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ...

     So when is Doctor Who on? (31st March 2006)
    With the release of the programme information for Week 16, the question over when the series is back still remains. Says the release:
    The wait is over! David Tennant, the 10th Time Lord, and Billie Piper as his feisty young companion Rose Tyler, return in the eagerly anticipated second series of the award-winning new Doctor Who.
    Except that the show itself is unplaced, meaning that the actual schedule time has yet to be determined! This is compounded by the note indicating Strictly Dance Fever being on between 6:15pm and 7:15pm, crossing Doctor Who's timeslot last year by 15 minutes!

    Doctor Who Magazine announced that the series would return on the 15th, so either the schedules are liable to change (not unusual!) or Who will be on at a different time, at least for the Easter weekend ...

    The online listings at Radio Times should cover Saturday by the 2nd April, so hopefully all will be revealed then ...

    Doctor Who TARDISODES - travel with the Time Lord

    Doctor Who viewers are in for an extra treat when the new series launches next month. In addition to watching 13 new, gripping and exciting adventures - with David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose - viewers will be given the opportunity to download 13 60-second mini-episodes via their mobile phones, or stream them on broadband as part of the BBC's TV Plus trials.

    The TARDISODES, which are part of the BBC's trials exploring ways of broadening the output of leading brands, offer the audience an exclusive insight into what's going on in the Doctor Who universe that week.

    These individual and unique downloads will be available on Saturdays after the main show has gone out. They will include footage that won't be seen on TV, and back story about the characters and adventures coming up inthe next episode - from meeting the Cat Women who can cure all illnesses, joining Mickey as he discovers some alien activity in a local school, to witnessing the Cybermen upgrade process!

    Jana Bennett, BBC Director of Television, says: "What better way of travelling with the Time Lord than to have a TARDISODE come to you on your phone or PC? The TARDISODES are an exciting development, delivering mini-episodes which will let viewers access the vortex and explore new worlds before the Doctor arrives himself. We know that there is a huge appetite for Doctor Who and we want to make the whole experience bigger and better for viewers. These TV Plus trials will continue to help us understand more about the different ways in which viewers want to enjoy Doctor Who."

    Created by the team behind Attack of the Graske, the highly successful Christmas interactive mission, the mini-episodes will have the same high quality elements as the main show.

    TARDISODES co-producer Jo Pearce says: "Our aim, when planning the development of all these projects, is to make the interactive content around Doctor Who series two compelling, exciting and intriguing as well as enticing a broader audience to Doctor Who by positioning it on different platforms."

    The mini-episodes are written by Gareth Roberts and directed by Ashley Way. Executive Producers are Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner (Head of Drama, BBC Wales). Producers are Sophie Fante and Jo Pearce.

    Made in Cardiff, by New Media and BBC Wales, the TARDISODES are part of the BBC's TV Plus pilots, offering audiences a new way of engaging with BBC TV programmes to enhance their viewing experience. The pilots include preview clips on mobile phones, programme premieres on broadband a week ahead of their TV transmission, and a rich interactive experience on-demand through broadband and digital TV.

    Service Notes
    • From 1 April the audience can text the word TARDIS to 81010 to subscribe to the service.
    • The user will then be sent a text message with a link to the download (this text will cost between 12 and 15p).
    • They will then be asked to bookmark the link and to come back every Saturday at the end of the Doctor Who programme to see the new TARDISODE.
    • If the user does not have a compatible handset they will be told before they download the content and asked to go to the Doctor Who website to watch the TARDISODE.
    • The BBC does not charge for its mobile content.
    • However, the operators charge for using the internet on your phone and for the text messages to access the service will apply.
    • Costs vary from operator to operator. Operators may charge for time spent browsing or amount of data downloaded.
    • Registering for the service is simple, participants will be asked to subscribe via text message and then will receive a weekly alert to inform them new content is available.
    • In order to download to your mobile phone you must have access to the web and once you have downloaded the content it's yours to keep.
    BBC Press Release

    Additional Coverage: Computer Shopper, Indian Television, Pocket-Lint, The Stage, Tech Digest, Waveguide.

     Doctor Who launch coverage (30th March 2006)
    Unsurprisingly, with the "embargo" on news lifted last night, many papers and sites carried news on the press launch and the return of Doctor Who to our screens, though the exact transmission date has still yet to be confirmed (though some have stated it as the popular 15th April date).

    Most papers have concentrated on the fact that both David Tennant and Billie Piper have signed up for series three, quoting Billie - "There are lots of places for Rose to go" - and David - "I have had a ball ... I might still be here in 40 years!"

    The other hot topic involves a comment made by series producer and writer Russell T Davies on whether or not the Doctor could regenerate into a woman at a later date - "I'd do it, I wouldn't blink."

    The rest of the coverage is about New Earth itself, and how the scripts for this series are much "darker" than from last year.

    Links: BBCi, CBBC, Glasgow Evening Times, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Manchester Online, Mirror, Scotsman, The Sun, Telegraph, This is London, Times, UTV.

    Update Friday: Addict 3D, Belfast Telegraph, Brand Republic, CityBeat967, Daily Post, Digital Spy, Evening News, Harry Potter's Page, In The News, ITN, ITV, Megastar, Monsters & Critics, Now Playing, The Register, The Register (2), RTE, Sky News, SyFy Portal, Western Daily Press

    New Series images can be found on the CBBC and BBC Cult sites.

     BBC Wales launch Doctor Who (29th March 2006)
    Doctor Who has finally been mentioned! BBC Wales's lunchtime news programme included a brief snippet with David Tennant and Billie Piper, and this evening's Wales Today will feature more from the stars and an exclusive clip from the first episode!

    No doubt the first teaser trailer will be out tonight ... !!!

     BAFTA Cymru Nominations (29th March 2006)
    Hot on the heels of Monday's general announcement of the BAFTA television awards, the Welsh version of the ceremony reveal Doctor Who is up for some fourteen nominations!
    • Best Drama Series/Serial: A470, Con Passionate, Doctor Who
    • Best Feature Programme: Coming Home: Donny Osmond, Doctor Who Confidential, Popeth Yn Gymraeg
    • Best New Media (TV): Colin & Cumberland, Attack of the Graske, Y Meees
    • Best Director of Photography: Ray Orton (Con Passionate), Philipp Blaubach (Little White Lies), Ernie Vincze (Christmas Invasion)
    • Best Sound: Rolant Jones (Con Passionate), Ian Richardson (Doctor Who), Owen Thomas (Gala Operatig)
    • Best Design: Bill Bryce (Con Passionate), Venita Gribble (Dad), Edward Thomas (Christmas Invasion)
    • Best Graphics/Titles: Aled Phillips (Cwpwrdd Dillad), The Mill (Doctor Who), No.Brake (Tribe: Kombai)
    • Best Costume: Sarah Jane Perez (Con Passionate), Ffion Elinor (Dad), Lucinda Wright (Doctor Who)
    • Best Make-Up: Julie Fox Pritchard (Con Passionate), Helen Tucker (Dad), Davy Jones (Doctor Who))
    • Best Screenwriter: Siwan Jones (Con Passionate), Lucy Gannon (Dad), Russell T Davies (Doctor Who)
    • Best Original Music Soundtrack: Map (Codi Angor), Murray Gold (Christmas Invasion), David Ayers (Tribe: Kombai)
    • Best Director (Drama): Sarah Harding (Dad), James Hawes (Christmas Invasion), Caradog James (Little White Lies)
    • Best Actor: William Thomas (Con Passionate), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), Brian Hibbard (Little White Lies)
    • Best Actress: Beth Robert (Con Passionate), Billie Piper (Doctor Who), Helen Griffin (Little White Lies)
    Biggest competition looks to be from S4C's production Con Passionate, about a female conductor of a male choir, and from Dad, a look at elderley family abuse that starred Richard Briers.

    The Award Ceremony takes place at the Cardiff International Arena on 22nd April.

     BBC Press Launch (29th March 2006)
    The BBC launched the new series last night with a special presentation of the first episode New Earth, which saw a number of Who luminaries in attendance including the four main cast members! However, despite the "press embargo" mentioned by the Guardian Diary on the series itself until midnight tonight(?), both the Star and Sun newspapers have reported on the event itself this morning ... Online, the launch was mentioned by UTV.

    TV presenter Alistair Appleton (House Doctor, Cash in the Attic) is the latest name to be associated with the new series. On the news section of his own website it is reported:

     BAFTA Television Nominations (27th March 2006)
    The BAFTA nominations have now been officially announced, and sees Doctor nominated in the Best Drama Series category, up against Bodies, Shameless and Spooks. The Awards Ceremony will be taking place on the 7th May 2006 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

    See also: Guardian, BBC News, CBBC.

    Talking of awards, Doctor Who is also up for the Hugo Awards; in the Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form section the series sees three entries for Dalek, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and Father's Day; it is up against Battlestar Galactica, Jack Jack Attack (Pixar), Lucas Back in Anger (short film), and Prix Factor Hugo Awards Ceremony (from last year's World Sci-Fi Convention).

     Bob Baker writing new K9? (16th March 2006)
    Today's Metro (p24) has a brief article on Bob Baker, discussing the lifestyle of the Curse of the Were-Rabbit scriptwriter; the article ends: He now plans to write a TV drama about K-9 - the robot dog from Dr Who.

    Is this an indication of some truth to the Sun's article on a K9 spinoff series a couple of weeks ago?!!!

    The Royal Television Society Programme Awards took place yesterday during their annual Awards Dinner at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane. Doctor Who was up for the Drama Series award, but lost out to Bodies (series 2), with the other runner-up being Shameless (series 2).

    More details in their press release.

     Pioneer BAFTA Vote (14th March 2006)
    Pioneer are sponsoring this year's television BAFTA ceremony, and voting for the Audience Award for Best Programme of 2005 is now available from their website. As well as Doctor Who (of course!) are: The Apprentice, Bleak House, The Catherine Tate Show, Desperate Housewives, Jamie's School Dinners, Strictly Come Dancing, and The X-Factor.
    (with thanks to Eye of Horus)

     Radio Industries' Award win (8th March 2006)
    And the awards keep coming along! During last night's Radio Industries Awards, actress Billie Piper won a gong for "Best New TV Talent". See the
    Mirror report for more details.

     Peter Kay's "fan role" (updated Thursday) (8th March 2006)
    In a way which many Who fans would be jealous, comic actor Peter Kay has landed a role in the second series by writing to Russell T Davies!

    Says the BBC Press release:
    Peter Kay to star in new series of Doctor Who

    Peter Kay, one of Britain's best-loved comedians, is the latest star to be cast in the eagerly awaited series two of Doctor Who.

    However, Peter will be swapping his trademark gags for more serious acting, when he steps into the role of the cold and powerful Victor Kennedy later this month.

    Russell T Davies says on the casting: "We are delighted to welcome Peter onboard the TARDIS!

    "Casting of Peter came about after he wrote me the most brilliant letter to say how much he'd enjoyed series one of Doctor Who. From that point on we started talking about a guest appearance.

    "However, this is not a comedy turn. Peter is a versatile actor who has appeared in Paul Abbott's Butterfly Collectors and The Secret Life of Michael Fry."

    Peter will appear in episode ten of the new BBC ONE series, penned by Russell T Davies.

    He joins an array of stellar actors who have already signed up to the series including Pauline Collins, Anthony Head, Maureen Lipman, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Sophia Myles, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Danny Webb.
    News references: BBC News, Breaking News, ITV, Channel 4, the Sun, The Telegraph, Manchester Online, Evening Echo, N-E-Life, Chortle, Addict3d, UTV, Paramount Comedy, Entertainment Wise.
    Added Thursday: The Sun (new article), Guardian, Tech Digest, Monsters & Critics, Daily Record, RTE, Brand Republic, Megastar;
    Friday: Hollywood News, This is Bury.

    The Bury article also refers to episode ten's name as Love and Monsters.

     Totally Doctor Who auditions (4th March 2006)
    The children's Doctor Who documentary series Totally Doctor Who is looking for children to participate in the show's quiz sections; to enter children need to send in a video of themselves of around a minute in length, and mentioning their three favourite new series facts! Full details are on the CBBC website and the BBC's Doctor Who website.

    Totally Doctor Who is due to air on the Friday evenings from mid-April, before each episode, and will be broadcast on the CBBC channel (with it's initial show on BBC2).

     K9 to get his his own show? (4th March 2006)
    The BBC are about to make another spin-off series from Doctor Who, according to The Sun this morning. The children's series is to star Elisabeth Sladen and K9. Says the epitomous insider: "It would have been a shame to put K9 back in his kennel, so we've come up with an idea for another drama. It's early days but K9 and Elizabeth Sladen are inseparable characters. There are loads of things we can do with Doctor Who. It's one of the most popular shows on TV and viewers can.t seem to get enough of it."

    (but will it have the K9 & Company theme?!!)
    Monday: coverage from DigitalSpy.

     Broadcasting Press Guild Awards (updated Thursday) (3rd March 2006)
    Doctor Who is up for yet more awards, this time in the Broadcasting Press Guild Programme Awards, taking place on 31st March. The series is up for no less than four awards:
    • Best Drama Series: Doctor Who and Bleak House
    • Best Actor: Charles Dance, Christopher Eccleston, Chris Langham and David Tennant
    • Best Actress: Gillian Anderson, Ashley Jensen, Anna Maxwell, Helen Mirren and Bille Piper
    • Writer's Award: Andrew Davies, Russell T Davies and Armando Iannucci/Jesse Armstrong/etc.
    The full list of nominations can be found at the BGP's website.

    The media have picked up on both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant both up for the Best Actor award, with the latter cited for his roles in Casanova and Secret Smile as well as Who. Guardian, C21Media.

    Thursday: The Western Mail reports on both Welsh writers Russell T Davies and Andrew Davies being up for the Writer's Award.

     Eve Myles in Torchwood? (23rd February 2006)
    There have been heated discussions on the Net during the course of the afternoon over whether actress Eve Myles (Gwyneth from The Unquiet Dead) is to feature in the new spin-off series Torchwood or not. This was compounded by an article on the BBC's own news site which mysteriously disappeared a little while later.

    Friday: The debate as to whether this was an erroneous report from a rumour or an early release of an official announcement was put to rest this morning when an official BBC Press Release was made!

    See also: BBCi report, DigitalSpy, Western Mail (interview with Eve).

    Saturday: Both the Daily Record and the Mirror report more about Eve, but this counts as a spoiler!

     Pauline Collins and Michelle Ryan (15th February 2006)
    Today's "TV Biz" in the Sun (p23) has some details on Pauline Collins, who is appearing in one of the new series episodes.

    Also, this morning's Metro features an interview with former Eastenders actress Michelle Ryan, who briefly mentions Doctor Who?
    There are rumours you're going to be Dr Who's new assistant. Are they true?
    Everyone's been rumoured to be up for that. The media speculate as to who they'd like to see in the role but, as far as I know, no offers have been made. I'd consider it if it came up, though.

    Actress Maureen Lipman appeared on UKTV Gold's "Wogan Now and Then" show this evening, during which she briefly discussed her role in the new series of Doctor Who. ~

     Coronation Who (9th February 2006)
    Doctor Who takes on a name from the past in the form of Florizel Street, the originally mooted name for old ratings rival Coronation Street! The street name has been used by Russell T Davies for a story in the second series to be set in 1950s, filming of which has been taking place in Cathays, Cardiff during this week.

     South Bank Show Awards (30th January 2006)
    ITV's South Bank Show awards were broadcast last night, during which Billie Piper won the Times Breakthrough Award for rising British talent, for her role as Rose in the new series. The series itself for once lost out a top position, being beaten in the Best TV Drama category by Channel's 4 adaptation Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren.

     US finally gets new series (13th January 2006)
    The United States are finally set to see the new first series of Doctor Who, with the option to show it being taken up by the Sci-Fi Channel. Thomas Vitale, senior vice president of the channel, said: "With its rich history of imaginative storytelling, Doctor Who is a true sci-fi classic.We're excited to add the show to our lineup.". Series executive producer Russell T Davies said: "The Doctor's made all sorts of journeys in time and space, but this is one of his most exciting yet! I'm a huge fan of the SCI FI Channel, and I'm delighted that Doctor Who is appearing on a channel that supports and enhances the entire genre."

  • BBC News and BBC Doctor Who Homepage reports.
  • Sci-Fi Channel NewsWire report on the annoucement
  • Other reports: The Register, ShortNews,, Gateworld

    The launch of the series on television has unsurprisingly led to a delay in the US DVD release, moving from February to 4th July ...

  • The South Bank Show in association with the Times are allowing readers to choose the overall winner of the Breakthrough Award for 2005; the online article will show the shortlisted candidates, amongst whom is Billie Piper.

     Doctor Who Adventures (10th January 2006)
    The BBC Press Office have announced that a new BBC Magazine entitled Doctor Who Adventures is to be launched, aimed at 6-12 year olds.

    Following the sensational success of the first new Doctor Who series, particularly amongst younger audiences, BBC Magazines is launching Doctor Who Adventures, a fortnightly magazine aimed at 6-12 year olds.

    The publication will launch to coincide with the second series in the Spring and will enable enthusiasts to further enhance their enjoyment of the world's most famous Time Lord and his journeys.

    Priced at £1.99, Doctor Who Adventures will be filled with authentic content. It will include original comic strips featuring the tenth Doctor and Rose, interviews, competitions and puzzles plus all the essential information about the Doctor, his companions and his enemies. There will also be behind-the-scenes photographs and information from the series.

    Toni Round, Publisher of BBC Youth & Children's Magazines commented: "We are proud to be producing this magazine for such an iconic programme. The abundance of material will enable us to give young fans a literary extension of the programme, providing them with fresh and exciting content.

    "We will immerse the reader in the world of Doctor Who, taking them on a big adventure into time and space. Doctor Who Adventures will be packed with monsters and secrets, full of entertainment, action and humour - the must-have magazine for young fans."

    Each magazine will be covermounted with a high quality, collectable gift.

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