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Since Lorraine Heggessey (former Controller of BBC1) announced the return of Doctor Who in the early hours of Friday 26th September, anticipation has been almost unbearable for the debut of the new series. Finally, 26th March 2005 at 7:00pm it arrived!

 Filming report spoiler (26th November 2007)
Filming took place in Cardiff tonight for Doctor Who, during which one fan took a photo which has caused quite a stir in fan circles. If true, it makes for an interesting development for season four!

(with thanks to "Brian_Damage" for releasing the photos)

In an unprecedented third release in as many days, the BBC Press Office have finally closed speculation on who the next companion will be for next year ... and old one, in fact!
Doctor Who series four: Catherine Tate confirmed as new companion

Hot on the heels of the critically-acclaimed season three finale of Doctor Who, the BBC has announced that Catherine Tate is set to return to the Tardis for the complete 13-week run of the new BBC One series.

Award-winning comedian Catherine Tate has been confirmed as the Doctor's new companion, returning to her role as Donna who featured in last year's Christmas special The Runaway Bride.

Donna mysteriously vanished as she prepared to marry her boyfriend in a glittering ceremony on Christmas Eve. She reappeared, much to her astonishment, in the Tardis with the Doctor.

As the Tardis raced to the church, it soon became apparent that Donna was the key to an ancient alien plan to destroy the Earth.

The episode ended with The Doctor inviting Donna to travel with him . an invitation which, at the time, was declined.

Catherine Tate was asked if she would like to become the Doctor's new companion at the press screening of The Runaway Bride.

She replied: "I would love to, but no-one has asked!"

Freema Agyeman who has played Martha Jones, the Doctor's companion, throughout the critically-acclaimed third series will return to the show to join the Doctor and Donna mid-series.

Doctor Who's Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies said: "Catherine was an absolute star in The Runaway Bride and we are delighted that one of Britain's greatest talents has agreed to join us for the fourth series.

"Viewers can expect more ambitious storylines and a whole host of guest stars in 2008."

Catherine Tate said: "I am delighted to be returning to Doctor Who. I had a blast last Christmas and look forward to travelling again through time and space with that nice man from Gallifrey."

The fourth series of Doctor Who goes into production this July and will hit UK screens in Spring 2008.

Yesterday the BBC announced that Kylie Minogue will be joining the Doctor Who cast in a major lead role in an hour-long Christmas special to be broadcast in December 2007.

Kylie will star alongside David Tennant (the Doctor) for the episode, Voyage Of The Damned.

The BBC Press Office have announced who will be the special guest in the Christmas Special this year, the widely speculated Kylie Minogue!
Kylie Minogue joins Doctor Who Christmas special

The BBC has confirmed that Kylie Minogue will be joining the Doctor Who cast in a major lead role in an hour-long Christmas special to be broadcast in December 2007 on BBC One.

Kylie will be joining David Tennant for the episode, Voyage Of The Damned, which starts filming in July in Cardiff.

The production team has also confirmed that the storyline will follow on directly from the ending of series three where viewers witnessed The Titanic crash through the Tardis walls.

The episode has been written by Doctor Who's Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies. He says: "We are delighted and excited to announce that Kylie Minogue will be joining the Doctor. Doctor Who Christmas specials are always a joy and we feel very confident that this will be the most ambitious and best Christmas episode yet."

Kylie says: "It is an incredible thrill to be joining David and the entire Doctor Who production for this year's Christmas special. Doctor Who enjoys a unique history and it is going to be very exciting to be a part of that."

Full details are currently under wraps with more information to be announced shortly.

The fourth series of Doctor Who will be back in Spring 2008.

With the departure of Martha Jones at the end of Last of the Time Lords, there was a lot of speculation over Freema Agyeman's future in the show. The BBC Press Offica were quick to refute such claims.
Doctor Who series four: Freema Agyeman returns as Martha Jones and guest stars in Torchwood

The BBC has announced the first casting details for the fourth series of Doctor Who following the acclaimed end of the third series - widely hailed by critics and public alike as the best series yet.

The final episode, screened on Saturday on BBC One, saw The Doctor's companion Martha - played by Freema Agyeman - leave to care for her devastated family, and to break the cycle of unrequited love she feels for The Doctor.

The production team has now confirmed that the character is set to make a triumphant return in the fourth series.

Freema, who gained rave notices for her portrayal of Martha Jones, is also set to join the cast of BBC Three's Torchwood where she will continue to play the character in three new episodes before returning to Doctor Who in the middle of the fourth series.

Doctor Who Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies said: "Series three has gained outstanding reviews and Freema has been a huge part of that success, gaining rave notices for her portrayal of Martha. Now we are taking the character of Martha into brand new territory with a starring role in Torchwood."

Freema said: "I can't wait to start filming on Torchwood and the new series of Doctor Who. It's a huge new challenge for me and I'm delighted Russell has decided to expand the character of Martha Jones."

The announcement leaves a vacant space in the Tardis and a new companion for The Doctor, who will join the new series for the entire 13-week run, will be announced shortly.

The fourth series of Doctor Who goes into production this month.

 BAFTA Cymru nominations 2007 (13th April 2007)
Though it was disappointing not to see Doctor Who nominated for any TV BAFTAs this year, the Welsh equivalent is providing the series with many nominations! The nominations cover both Doctor Who and Torchwood, with the two shows against eash other in some categories!

The awards take place on the 28th April, and the nominations are listed below:
Best Drama Series
Belonging (Siān E. Jones)
Doctor Who - Doomsday (Phil Collinson)
Torchwood - Everything Changes (Richard Stokes)
Best Director Of Photography: Drama
Belonging - Ray Orton
Doctor Who: Tooth And Claw - Rory Taylor
Torchwood: Everything Changes - Mark Waters
Best Sound
Con Passionate - Rolant Jones / Greg Provan / Dafydd Jones
Jones Jones Jones - Huw 'Buzz' Evans / Hefin Elis
Torchwood: Everything Changes - Jeff Matthews / Tim Ricketts / Doug Sinclair / Team Torchwood

Best Editor
Doctor Who: Tooth And Claw - Crispin Green
The Aberfan Disaster - Huw Parry
Tribe: Dassanech - John Parker
Best Lighting Director - Not Camera
Doctor Who: New Earth - Mark Hutchings
Gala Operatig Gwyl Y Faenol - Martyn Rourke
Vivaldi's Gloria - Tony Yates

Best Design
Caerdydd - Hayden Pearce
Doctor Who: The Girl In The Fireplace - Edward Thomas
Torchwood: Everything Changes - Edward Thomas
Best Costume
Cowbois Ac InjansGolch Fi'n Burlan - Dawn Thomas-Mondo
Doctor Who: The Girl In The Fireplace - Louise Page
Treflan Y Fenter Olaf - Dawn Thomas-Mondo

Best Make-Up
Doctor Who: The Girl In The Fireplace - Sheelagh Wells / Neill Gorton
Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie - Marie Doris
Treflan Y Fenter Olaf - Marie Doris
Best Screenwriter
Belonging - Jason Sutton
Con Passionate - Siwan Jones
Doctor Who: Doomsday - Russell T Davies

Best Original Music Soundtrack
Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet - Murray Gold
Torchwood: Out Of Time - Murray Gold / Ben Foster
Tribe: Dassanech - David Ayres / Felix Todd
Best Director: Drama
Caerdydd - Ed Thomas
Caerdydd - Ed Talfan
Doctor Who: Doomsday - Graeme Harper

Best Director
Doctor Who A Celebration Concert - Rhodri Huw
The Aberfan Disaster - Catrin Edwards
Tribe: Dassanech - James Smith
Best Actor
Belonging - Charles Dale
Doctor Who: Doomsday - David Tennant
Torchwood: Everything Changes - John Barrowman

Best Actress
Con Passionate - Beth Robert
Doctor Who: Doomsday - Billie Piper
Torchwood: Everything Changes - Eve Myles

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