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Recent News Updates

26th Nov Filming revelation tonight? [new series news]
23rd Nov Verity Lambert (1935-2007) [who news]
6 Nov Doctor Who Dalek Day, 1st December [event news]
12 Oct David Tennant/Freema Agyeman signing 5th November [event news]
1 Oct Flight Through Eternity: The Sixties [event news]
30th Jul "Who's been filming again?" (source: Evening Post) [external link]
11th Jul First pictures of Kylie in new show (source: Daily Mail) [external link]
10th Jul Collector's Centre at Excel this Sunday [event news]
8th Jul Clive Swift to be in Christmas Special (source: Jewish Telegraph) [external link]
4th Jul Catherine Tate back in Season Four [new series news]
3rd Jul Kylie Minogue to be companion in Christmas Special [new series news]
2nd Jul Freema Agyeman will be in Season Four [new series news]
25th Jun UKTV Drama: Who is the greatest Doctor Who? [who news]
25th Jun "An Audience with Colin Baker" (taking place 12th August) [external link]
5th May "Doctor Who in Somerset" (src: BBC) [external link]
13th Apr BAFTA Cymru nominations for 2007 [new series news]
17th Mar Collector's Centre, special discounts [event news]
26th Dec What did you think of the new Doctor? (src: CBBC) [external link]
26th Dec Christmas Invasion Ratings [new series]
8th Dec David Tennant on Front Row [new series]
2nd Dec First Christmas Trailer airs [new series]
27th Nov Tennant predicted role 20 years ago (src: Sunday Mail) [external link]
24th Nov New Doctor tops talent list (src: BBC News) [external link]
22nd Nov Cybus Corporation revealed [new series]
22nd Nov The Christmas Invasion Press Release and Synopsis [new series]
22nd Nov National Space Centre Exhibition press release [who news]
21st Nov Review of the Children in Need mini-adventure [reviews]
11th Nov Stephen Fry Interview [new series]
11th Nov Filming Update [new series]
10th Nov An Adversary Revealed! (updated Friday) [new series]
10th Nov Primaeval rival to Doctor Who? [new series]
9th Nov Billie's 007 Bid [related news]
8th Nov Children in Need Special for 9:00pm [new series]
3rd Nov Cult TV Awards for 2005 [reviews]
3rd Nov Christmas Day for Invasion? [new series]
2nd Nov Big Finish updates [who news]
28th Oct Site outage fixed [site news]
26th Oct Character Options releases for 2006 [new series]
26th Oct Doctor Who triumphs at National Television Awards [new series]
25th Oct Doctor Who on Children in Need [new series]
20th Oct Doctor Who cause of Time Travel belief in UK [related news]
20th Oct Rumours section of news site created [rumours]
19th Oct Old Elements to appear in Torchwood? [rumours]
18th Oct Boxing Day Invasion of Canada [new series]
18th Oct Torchwood to be repeated on BBC1? [new series]
18th Oct Article updates for wholink and wholore feeds [rss feed]
18th Oct Eccleston's not exhausted! [related news]
17th Oct Torchwood Revealed (updated Tues) [new series]
12th Oct France 4 to begin broadcasting first new series [new series]
12th Oct Sun report on the end of the series [new series]
11th Oct National Television Awards Nominations [new series]
10th Oct City of Death Showing, with Julian Glover [event news]
5th Oct Eccleston's "exhaustion" [related news]
5th Oct Sylvester McCoy at Yarmouth Festival (src: BBC Norfolk) [external link]
5th Oct Doctor Who for Sony PSP [who news]
4th Oct Casting Update/Charlotte Church/Alan Davies [new series]
4th Oct Big Finish Update [who news]
30th Sep Humour: Another Ninth Doctor? [renovators news]
29th Sep Taking up the Mantle [related news]
29th Sep Dine with the Doctor (src: BBC Cult) [external link]
29th Sep SFX 2005 Readers Awards [related news]
28th Sep Doctor Who jigsaw puzzles [who news]
27th Sep Scream of the Shalka gets BBFC Certificate [who news]
27th Sep Sylvester McCoy at Great Yarmouth Film Festival [site news]
26th Sep John Barrowman Opens Up! [related news]
26th Sep Big Finish audio adventures released [who news]
26th Sep Kick boxing in Doctor Who? [new series]
25th Sep Who scares wins! (src: Wales on Sunday) [external link]
24th Sep New competitions for November added. [competitions]
24th Sep Billie Piper's ghostly protection (src: FemaleFirst) [external link]
23rd Sep Dave Prowse signing session in Sutton [site news]
21st Sep Series One DVD box set extras from BBFC [new series]
21st Sep New series remote-controlled Dalek release date [who news]
20th Sep Temporal Renovators news site goes live [renovators news]
19th Sep Reviews of The Christmas Invasion by John and Darren [reviews]
19th Sep Big Finish news update [who news]
16th Sep The new Doctor Who books enter the charts [who news]
16th Sep New Trading Cards from Strictly Ink [who news]
15th Sep Cinderella, with John Barrowman (src: New Wimbledon Theatre) [external link]
15th Sep The fate of a character in the new series revealed? [new series]
15th Sep Open House locations this weekend [related news]
15th Sep BBC3 Schedule this weekend [new series]
15th Sep We exterminated the Aussies [who link]
14th Sep Christmas Day Broadcast? [new series]
13th Sep The Web Planet DVD delayed [who news]
13th Sep Ashes Procession sees "invasion" [related news]
13th Sep New competitions for September/October added. [competitions]
12th Sep Missing clips found ... in a programme yesterday! [who news]
11th Sep Russell and Chris on ITV's 50 Greatest Shows [related news]
9th Sep Make your own Doctor Who pen pots! [related news]
7th Sep Merchandise News (including Emperor Dalek exclusive!) [who news]
7th Sep Opening Night reviews for A Few Good Men [related news]
6th Sep Christopher Eccleston wins Best Actor Award [who news]
4th Sep Russell T Davies appearing at Mardi Grad Fringe, Cardiff [related news]
3rd Sep Mike Tucker's company to work on series two? [new series]
2nd Sep John Barrowman in Simply Musicals [related news]
1st Sep Sponsor the Doctor! [related news]
1st Sep Book signing at Forbidden Planet time confirmed. [who news]
31st Aug Actor Michael Sheard dies (updated Thursday) [related news]
30th Aug Big Finish Cybermen audio series (updated Friday) [who news]
29th Aug New BBC1 Controller vow at Edinburgh Television Festival [who news]
25th Aug Doctor Who at the BBC Volume Three [who news]
25th Aug CBBC TV Show Poll has Doctor Who back at the top [who news]
25th Aug New-Look Police Boxes for Scotland [related news]
24th Aug Another old companion returns to the show? [new series]
23rd Aug Doctor Who on the Mobile Phone! [who news]
18th Aug Billie Piper/Spirit Trap [related news]
18th Aug New Doctor Who hardbacks book signing event [who news]
17th Aug Blue Peter Monster Winner [new series]
15th Aug New competitions for August/September added. [competitions]
15th Aug Chris to help save Victoria Baths [related news]
14th Aug Chris Evans in series two? [new series]
9th Aug Christmas Invasion Media Coverage [new series]
9th Aug Doctor Who Merchandise releases [who news]
8th Aug Doctor Who one of the first shows to be filmed in HDTV? [new series]
5th Aug Photos from Monday Location Filming [new series]
1st Aug Doctor Who is Number One Fantasy Programme [who news]
29th Jul Friday Update [new series]
29th Jul Review of the Invasion V convention [reviews]
26th Jul The Queen is amused! [new series]
26th Jul Media roundup on new costume etc. [new series]
25th Jul New Doctor Revealed! [new series]
24th Jul Eighth Doctor on the Radio [who news]
21st Jul David Tennant Feedback news [new series]
21st Jul July Dalek Roundup [related news]
20th Jul Blue Peter "Design a Monster" competition [who news]
18th Jul Media Guardian's Top 100 in the Media [related news]
12th Jul Problems with playback on Revelation DVD [who news]
5th Jul Doctor Who up for National Television Awards [new series]
4th Jul Series Two Salaries [new series]
1st Jul Hardback books still proving popular! [who news]
30th Jun BARB details updated for Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways [ratings]
25th Jun Stephen Fry to write for series? [new series]
24th Jun Roundup of recent news [new series]
2nd Jun Terry Molloy at Royal Norfolk Show [other events]
23rd Jun John Barrowman's caberet in Belgium, 12th Jul [related news]
22nd Jun Michael Grade converted to the cause! (updated) [new series]
21st Jun Big Finish Sale and New Releases, June 2005 [who news]
20th Jun The Parting of the Ways peaks at 6.7 million (44% share) [ratings]
20th Jun First series aftermath, and looking forward to the next ... [new series]
17th Jun One Day Until The End! (updated) [new series]
17th Jun Doctor Who wins sci-fi poll [who news]
17th Jun One Day Until The End! [new series]
16th Jun Series Three Announced! [new series]
16th Jun Boom Town BARB results in (7.68m) [ratings]
15th Jun First Series Two Directors announced [new series]
15th Jun Anneke Wills talks about her time on Doctor Who (src: Mirror) [external link]
14th Jun Four Days to Go ... [new series]
14th Jun CBBCExtra special for the weekend [new series]
14th Jun What Doctor Who has done for Wales (src: Western Mail) [external link]
14th Jun Wookey Hole Dalek found at Glastonbury Tor [related news]
13th Jun Christopher Eccleston in Campaign against deadly diseases [related news]
12th Jun Bad Wolf seen by 6.23 million. [ratings]
11th Jun Tom on Tennant / Saturday Update [new series]
11th Jun Christopher Eccleston on Eamonn Holmes Show [related news]
10th Jun Update to Bad Wolf Schedule / The Ultimate Guide [new series]
10th Jun Wookey Hole dalek theft update [related news]
9th Jun The Doctor Dances has 6.86 million viewers [ratings]
8th Jun Dalek stolen from Wookey Hole [related news]
6th Jun David Tennant "best male actor" [new series]
3rd Jun Peter Davison to return? [new series]
3rd Jun You don't know everything ... [new series]
2nd Jun John Barrowman in concert appearance at Pizza on the Park [other events]
2nd Jun John Barrowman is opening the Eridge Summer Fair on the 26th [other events]
2nd Jun The Empty Child finalises at 7.11 million viewers [ratings]
1st Jun Doctor Who around the world [new series]
1st Jun Another 'installment of Doctor Whoof published [links]
31st May Bank Holiday Roundup [new series]
29th May The Doctor Dances for 6.17 million viewers [ratings]
27th May Father's Day BARB results updated. [ratings]
26th May Companion Stakes [new series]
23rd May Billie Piper to leave early in series two? [new series]
23rd May Preview of The Doctor Dances [reviews]
23rd May Power of the Daleks reconstructed [who news]
22nd May The Empty Child overnight ratings in. [ratings]
20th May BARB results for The Long Game report 8.01m viewers [ratings]
20th May 20th Century Roadshow Doctor Who Special behind-the-scenes [reviews]
20th May "The TARDIS" takes to the stage [related news]
19th May Brother Who! [new series]
18th May The Empty Child to be cut [new series]
18th May Chris the "radio" Doctor [new series]
18th May Series made Chris ill, and other news items [new series]
17th May Review for The Empty Child [reviews]
16th May Excessive Cruelty to Dalek, says censors [new series]
16th May Interview with Paul Cornell (src: BBCi) [external link]
15th May "Double Life" for Chris? [new series]
15th May Roundup of other related news this weekend [relative news]
14th May Will The Empty Child be cut? [new series]
13th May Roundup of other related news this week [relative news]
13th May Doctor Who Exhibition press launch photos [gallery]
13th May Doctor Who Exhibition opens on Brighton Pier [new series]
13th May Plea for lost Andrew Smith interviews [who news]
12th May Film news [new series]
12th May Mike Tucker's contract not renewed [new series]
11th May BARB results for Dalek reports 8.63m viewers [ratings]
11th May Captain Jack [new series]
10th May Celebrity Wrestling off the air! [new series]
9th May Billie Piper to be in Little Britain? [new series]
8th May The Long Game overnight's show usual dominance! [ratings]
6th May New exhibition for Brighton Pier (src: BBC Press) [external link]
6th May Project Who CD Release information (src: BBC Press) [external link]
6th May The Crusade CD Release information (src: BBC Press) [external link]
6th May New exhibition for Brighton [new series]
6th May World War Three ratings updated [ratings]
5th May New previews up for The Long Game and Father's Day [reviews]
5th May Thursday Roundup [new series]
5th May Cyberhelmet up for Auction [related news]
3rd May More Dalekmania! [new series news]
3rd May Welcome to Geocomtex ... [external link]
2nd May Dalek Conquers and Destroys! [new series news]
3rd May Time Travellers Convention [related news]
2nd May Bank Holiday Roundup [new series news]
2nd May A ratings triumph for Dalek [ratings]
29th Apr Calm before the storm? [new series news]
19th Apr UNIT secret website uncovered! [external link]
24th Mar Who is Doctor Who? (src: Clive) [external link]
16th Mar 20th Century Roadshow Doctor Who Special photo review [dwas gallery]

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